Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Wii Bit Sore

For the past several months I've been trying to workout regularly. There is a gym at my work, so I spend most of my breaks and lunches doing cardio of some sort, then I spend a little time after my shift lifting some light weights. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I've honestly been quite impressed with myself. My brother and sister and I have been talking about doing a triathalon type thing later this year. I was actually starting to believe that with the admirable level of discipline and devotion that I had shown, we would surely take first place.

But don't worry, my wandering ego has been contained and sorely bruised. By this...

A friend of ours from work bought Jason and I a Nintendo Wii as a wedding gift. I had only played one once before, and very briefly at that, but I really wanted one. We don't have any games yet except the one that comes with it, which is Wii Sports. In case you're not familiar with the latest video games of interest, this game includes tennis, golf, bowling, baseball, and boxing. I've become obsessed with the tennis one. It's the most addictive thing I've ever experienced.

The night we got the Wii, I hooked it up and proceeded to play until the wii morning hours (ha, I crack myself up). I woke up the following morning in what can only be described as "oh-my-goodness-I-feel-like-someone-pummeled-me-with-a-raw-slab-of-beef-all-night-long" kind of agony. After resigning myself to the fact that I would probably be spending the next 4-5 days in the horizontal postion, I tried to reach over to my phone so that I could promptly text that particular friend and curse him for bestowing such a painful fate upon me. Fortunately for him, my arm had been rendered utterly useless, and seemed incapable of responding to even the simple command of "move!"

Well, only by the grace of God was I able to lift myself out of bed, and have been slowly regaining the use of my limbs since. However I can't say that I've learned my lesson, as I've been playing golf just to waste time until I'm ready for another go at tennis. Perhaps I should try pushing myself a little harder in the gym at work. Or just quit the gym altogether and switch to a Wii-centered workout regime.

On a side note... I feel pretty ridiculous playing Wii Golf when this is the view off our balcony...

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