Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh, Life Apart From My Headset...

A new position recently opened up at my work, and my brother-in-law put in a good word for me. It sounds like a pretty good opportunity, and he really encouraged me to apply and see what happens. So I did.

I was a little torn at first if I should apply or not. On one hand, it would be a big step up including a pay raise. Also among the pros, it would be a normal schedule and no more phones. I’ve spent over two years working a backwards schedule- working through nights, weekends, and holidays. And in that two years, I have also grown more than weary of the world of customer service. I actually am grateful for my experience here. It has helped me learn patience and servitude, even towards some of the most difficult, demeaning, and downright mean people imaginable. But I would certainly welcome the opportunity to do something other than customer service. Learning something new and moving up sounds pretty refreshing.

Con #1: Having a normal schedule means having a schedule opposite of Jason. He’s pretty much stuck working nights for now in order to work around his time with his kids. I would still see him, but it would be significantly less than now. Also, I’ve realized lately that I’ve grown pretty fond of the people I work with. As much as I complain about my backwards schedule, there are some perks to the late shift. It seems to draw a much more laid back and friendly crowd of co-workers. I’m a little surprised to admit that I would really miss some of them. And there’s also the fact that my supervisors have really been pouring into me lately, and made it clear that I have great chances of getting promoted in the call center when the opportunity comes.

So, I juggled my thoughts for a day or two. I talked to my brother-in-law about it a little, who is extremely helpful and wise. I talked to my current boss as well, and he was also really helpful. He assured me that I would be burning no bridges, and encouraged me to jump at any opportunity I can. And of course I talked to Jason. Our final conclusion was that I should just go for it, and sit back and prayerfully wait to see what happens.

I have tried for promotions in the past, and been let down. I have a terrible habit of getting something in my head, daydreaming about it, and getting my hopes up so high that I’m crushed if it doesn’t happen. I’m happy to say that is not the case this time. I am excited, and really am hoping I get it. But I also feel really comfortable with the prospect of staying where I’m at. Perhaps it’s because the decision was far from black and white. When weighing my options, the scales kept coming up even. I like that. It makes it a little easier to sit back and accept what God gives me.

SO…if you’re reading this and have a free second, would you mind saying a quick prayer for me? Just that God would continue to ease my heart and mind, and help me accept whatever may be. (And also that I would win the Powerball, but that’s only if you have 2 free seconds).

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