Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's A...

I know it's beyond cliche to say that we would have been happy no matter what, so long as the baby is healthy... so go ahead, call me cliche.

This whole pregnancy both Jason and I have switched back and forth on the whole boy/girl thing. In fact, not just during this pregnancy, more like my whole life. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to have a little boy. Maybe it's because I was always a bit of a tomboy myself. Maybe it's because I never had any desire to do my own hair, much less carry the responsibility of another person's long haired scalp on my shoulders. Maybe it's because I find any excuse to avoid wearing a dress, and didn't want to be a hypocrite while dressing up my little girl in only the pinkest, girliest, frilliest outfits available.

Then my nieces came along. One after another. Five in a matter of only a few years in fact. All of the sudden I was shocked to find myself wanting a little girl. I could handle long hair, princess dresses, and nail painting. In fact, all those things sounded amazing.

Jason was more or less in the same boat. While he watches Caleb and Jacob getting older and older, he of course misses all joys of a baby boy. But he also wants to know the joys of having a daughter. Watching "Remember the Titans" is enough to make him long for a little girl (he's sure she'd be just like the daughter in that movie), but then a stroll down the toy aisle at Target changes his mind right back to boy.

One night early on in this pregnancy, I remember sitting in the car with Caleb and Jacob while we waited for Jason in the store. One of their favorite songs came on the radio, and they proceeded to sing along in unison. Except instead of singing, they were just belting out the tune in various pitches of mock flatulence and other bodily functions. While proud of their ability to "sing" in key, I found myself completely certain in that moment that I wanted a little girl.

That state of mind continued until about January. All of the sudden, and seemingly out of nowhere, I completely changed my mind. Sure, a girl would be great, but I really wanted a boy. No explanation, no particular reason, just a change of heart. Not only that, but I was also suddenly certain that's what we were having.

SO... our appointment to find out was this last Tuesday. I went in with an "open mind", saying to myself that I could be wrong, but secretly thinking there was no possible way I was wrong. And the verdict is...

Can you handle the suspense???

It's a Boy!

Our Symphony of Flatulence is eagerly awaiting it's new addition of a soprano section come June or July.


Annabella said...

I like your new blog page. And I am also happy about your baby.

Angie said...

Molly! Congratulations... A BOY! That's such great news. I cannot wait to see him.

"Symphony of Flatulence" <---- hilarious.

And... could your three obnoxious girl cousins possibly have had ANY bearing on you never wanting a girl? I'm of course talking about Tara, Alicia and Amy.