Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Point of No Return

Well, I’ve finally done it. After much debate, pondering, and lost sleep, I have started a blog. Ok, so there was no lost sleep.

Five years ago I thought that MySpace and Facebook and online blogging were the silliest ideas fathomable. Then I joined Facebook (or what I refer to as 'the gateway drug'). I thus began my downward spiral into the world of Internet existence. MySpace promptly followed. I checked them before, after, and during class. My mood was soon directly dependent on whether or not I saw that little red “New Messages” link upon sign-in. “New Comments” were good for a brief high; the kind that lasts only a fleeting moment before leaving you feeling empty and desperate for more. The “New Messages” though, that’s where the real exhilaration was. Terms like “BFF” were replaced with simple numbers- #4... #6... It’s one thing to make my top 8, but if you’re on my top 4… wow, then you had truly made it. Suddenly I was amazing at remembering the birthdays of all my friends and acquaintances. Ok, I use the term “remembering” very generously… that little icon of a green man in a birthday hat sure saved my behind on more than one occasion. I continued to use, and use often, knowing all along that I was living contrary to what I had fervently believed only years before. But no matter how deeply I delved, I was always able to justify it by telling myself, “at least I don’t have a blog”….


Life As I Know It said...

Welcome to blogland...and thanks for the link!

Amy said...

I too welcome you to blogland! Glad to see you finally joined. I think you'll find this more satisfying than MySpace & Facebook because it can be done solely for YOU! Enjoy your writing...I look forward to reading more posts! :)