Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There's a long standing tradition among Jason's family to turn Easter egg dying into an all day extravaganza. I am in no way exaggerating here. They get about five times as many eggs as the normal family would (a dozen a person might suffice...), spend about an hour making up every possible shade and hue of dye imaginable, and then proceed to spend hour upon hour dying each individual egg with the utmost care and creativity. I had the honor of experiencing this with Jason's dad (known as The King among Easter egg enthusiasts everywhere) for the first time last Easter. I have to admit, the title was well deserved. This was Jason's first Easter since his dad passed away late last year, so we of course wanted to honor him by carrying on the tradition. Here's some of our favorites...


Made just for Baby


Dinosaur Egg

Fire Egg

Iron Man

Plain Old Easter Egg
The Hulk (by Jacob)
When asked why Hulk had a big white circle on his chest, Jacob very matter-of-factly replied "Because, everyone knows Hulk's nipples don't turn green."
If you weren't aware of that, perhaps you need to read up on your gamma radiation-induced mutation side effects.

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Annabella said...

I loved your eggs. And you're are right, I do need read up on my gamma radiation-induced mutation side effects.