Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Tale of Excitement, Enthusiasm, and Exhaustion

T'was the night of Halloween, and all through the house
Costumes did flourish and make-up did douse ...

Nope, just don't have the brain power to do this whole story in rhyming prose. If you are judging my lack of effort right now, please see post title and refer to E-Word #3.

We started Halloween night off strong with a Vampire and a Werewolf to create. The kids were so much fun and got so into everything, not to mention their extreme patience as we meticulously painted faces, applied Vampire bite marks, dyed hair, and glued fur to a fake bone for a somewhat gruesome side prop.

Once we were finally done getting all dressed up, we set out adventurously to the streets. The kids started out as one may expect, sprinting from house to house in an effort to overfill their pillowcases with candy in record time.
Then came the hunger, and the weariness, and the cold. Paces slowed and spirits soon began to droop. Jacob, too over-encumbered to make it any further, soon passed his furry bone to Jason to carry.
Then he passed his mask. Shortly thereafter, his gloves. And when finally he could go on no longer, he entrusted his precious candy to him as well.
Caleb followed suit not long after that.
Ok, so maybe I don't have as much reason as Jason to be exhausted.

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